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School History

Our school is named after William of Wykeham who once owned the land on which the building now stands. William of Wykeham was born in Wykeham near Southampton in 1324, the son of a yeoman. For twenty years of his career he served as a civil servant, and then entered the royal service. For a time he was secretary to the constable of Winchester Castle. He was ordained in 1362 at the age of 38 and the next year was appointed Lord Privy Seal to Edward III. In 1366 he was elected Bishop of Winchester and in 1367 became Chancellor of England. He remained Bishop of Winchester until his death in 1404, being buried in Winchester Cathedral.

Wykeham was originally built in 1930 as a High School and dubbed Willesden’s Wonder School. In 2010 the school celebrated its 80th birthday. The school logo, consisting of a bishop's mitre, a plough and two roses can be seen in one of the many stained glass windows that adorn the school hall.