Wykeham Primary School

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  2. PSHCE


Wykeham Primary School aims to provide our pupils with a broad, balanced, rich, spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC) and knowledge-based education in which every child is able to achieve equality and excellence. We see PSHCE and citizenship as the promotion of personal health, qualities, skills and values, which will enable individuals to think and act for themselves confidently, to manage relationships with others, to make informed decisions, to accept social responsibility and to become a good citizen of the country.
Relationship and Health Education (RHE) is provided in a way that encourages pupils to consider morals and the values of family life. Drug Education is intended to inform both knowledge and attitudes to legal and illegal substances.
Our PSHCE is timetabled and delivered in variety of ways; through the taught curriculum which follows the Jigsaw programme, a curriculum designed for a whole school approach, and through cross-curricular links; for example, relationships, school environment, ethos, discipline, organisation, equal opportunities, assemblies, circle time, drama, music, art, literacy. 
We also invite professionals from the community to inspire ambition and success as well as outside agencies like NHS staff and theatre groups to deliver certain aspects of learning. This kind of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning motivates and inspires children resulting in outstanding behaviour and attitudes towards all members of the community.‚Äč
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