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Parent year 1 child(about a week ago)

Very informative. I was able to understand what my child would be learning throughout the year which will help me to help her at home.

S. Rehman(about a week ago)

Good experience, nicely explained. I'm very happy with the school and my son's progress. Lovely staff and cooperative teachers. Parent of child in 1C.

Mrs. Popa(about a week ago)

All things in this school are wonderful. My daughter is at Nursery and she loves her teacher!

Year 5 parent(about a week ago)

My son and I were really proud of the school's presentation today at the Parents' Information Evening. As a parent, I really feel fortunate to have my son at Wykeham school. Big thank you to all the teachers for their support!!!

Parent - 3G and 5K(about a week ago)

It was very good. I am very happy with the presentation on the Parent evening.

barbara preiss (nee Kaye)(a couple of years ago)

Hi just visiting your school page. Part of the school history which I am sure you must be aware of would be interesting to share here. My mother lived with her family during WW2 in the road right opposite the school or should I say next to it. In the final weeks of WW2 a tragedy happened here. A V2 rocket exploded and hit some houses along the road around the school and young families were killed there. They actually laid out the bodies of those who had died, including some school friends of my mother's on the playing field of the now much enlarged school. It was very tragic as it happened 2 - 3 weeks before the end of WW2. Many people in the area including my own mother were affected by this emotionally in a big way as many sad people had been saying in the area how tragic this all happened just before the war ended when they had all been through so much. I wanted to share this as it isn't mentioned in the school history and there are no memorial plaques to what happened here all those years ago. I do hope you can share this with all parents and pupils and remember those who died, including pupils at the school. My Mum was 13 when the War started. All the schools were closed at that time and she could not finish her education, she had to go out to work at a silk factory making parachutes. Even later on in her life, she never ever forgot this incident and used to tell me about it often. Years ago I had lived up at Blackbird Hill on the Barnhill estate when it was first built and used to walk down the main road, down Aboyne road into Attewood Avenue, then walk across the North Circular toward John Kelly where I attended until I was 16 years old. I often and regularly walked past the old school on my way to and from Crest Road. You could just about cross the North Circular in those days though it was very busy. I used to think about what my mother had told me about the school field so many times. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you all. Barbara Preiss

Istar(a couple of years ago)

I really enjoyed seeing the kids perform.

Fardowsa(a couple of years ago)

I really enjoyed the food.

Rania(a couple of years ago)

I really like the food. It is amazing.

Anisa(a couple of years ago)

Loved seeing my old teachers and my siblings are performing so I can not wait to see them.

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