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Hasime(less than a year ago)

I enjoy the meeting was helpfully and I learn things about how my child can be safe on internet thanks

Yemi(less than a year ago)

We are definitely gone upmarket in this new age called Technology . The assembly was superb as usual & this workshop is an eye-opener. Well done, we can only go on improving & aim higher the sky is ours we surely will reach our heights

Zeinab(less than a year ago)

The assembly was wonderful and the coffee morning about online safety was very helpful.

Snezana(less than a year ago)

It was very helpful and gave a lot of information that I can implement at home and I’m very grateful.I will try to be stricter when it comes to the internet and I’m satisfied with how child generally behave in this school and I was amazed that in assembly it was very quiteThis school is very well lead the organised and children are happy to come to the school.

Yali(less than a year ago)

I'm so pleased to attend the online safety lesson this morning after year 1 wonderfully and beautifully performance. I learn about the online safety that is very important to children communicate to outside of the school And how to keep children in safety online. Thanks. So grateful to all staff and members to support. Very useful and very important for me to understand.

Zeinab(less than a year ago)

Thank is good for parents to be educating or to learn about online safety Because some parents they not aware of or they don’t know how to do or put settings on they computer. So some thing like this it will help them thank.

Steven davis(less than a year ago)

I attended the year 1 assembly alongside the parent coffee morning, and found both to be very informative, especially as I am not very computer literate. I will indeed be going onto the Wykeham online site and engaging in conversation with my child regarding the safety of using the internet. I was also very excited that at such a tender age children are very aware of other cultures.

Zahira(less than a year ago)

This is my first time attending coffee morning. It was about online safety which I thought I didn’t need to attend but I was wrong . I am happy that I attend it today because I learned what I need to look for especially when kids playing online and chat or talking to someone I should be aware of whom they talking. And also it is also important to block the inappropriate websites. Thank you

Fardowsa(less than a year ago)

I really liked the internet safety talk. I want to learn more about this because it’s very important and if it was every Friday it would be helpful

Jaweh Villanueva(less than a year ago)

I believe it’s a good idea to stay connected to our children through online. It is also great that the school has meetings with parents in the morning to talk about the children’s safety online and growth.

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