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Teamwork is the ability to work as a group towards a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.



At Wykeham, we believe that a team’s effectiveness can be achieved by:

  • sharing expectations with one another
  • allowing each educator to participate in the planning process
  • appreciating each other’s unique personality traits
  • showing mutual respect
  • respecting diversity
  • demonstrating a positive attitude towards teamwork.


Once a team works well together, the profession is less stressful, more enjoyable, more rewarding for all team members, and results in a greater benefit to our children. We believe we have achieved this!


Meet Our Staff

Core Leadership Team



Headteacher: Mr. Sharpe

Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Mrs. Notay

Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and KS1 Phase Leader: Ms. Springer

Lead Practitioner, EYFS Phase Leader and Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo): Mrs. O’Donnell

Lead Practitioner and Lower KS2 Phase Leader: Ms. Raymond

Lead Practitioner and Upper KS2 Phase Leader: Dr. Brazer

Lead Practitioner and Maths Leader: Mr. Halai



Administration and Site Team


Bursar: Mrs. Stefanovic

Administration Officer: Mrs. Sehra

Receptionist: Mrs. Duthie 

Welfare Officer: Mrs. Hughes

Technician: Mr. Berrouane

Site Supervisor: Mr. Patani 


                 Nursery                                                                                 Reception


Nursery Teacher: Mrs. Adamska                                                                            Reception Teachers: Mrs. Serroukh and Ms. Kondratiuk

Nursery Support Staff: Mrs. Burczyk, Mrs. Mohamed and Mrs. Adil                Reception Support Staff: Ms. Beasley, Mrs. Adem and

                                                                                                                                      Mrs. Hassan


                             Year 1                                                                                Year 2


Year 1 Teachers: Mrs. Lowe and Ms. Ramos                                                      Year 2 Teachers: Mrs. Sheikhdon and Mrs. Shorter

Year 1 Support Staff: Mrs. Modha and Mrs. Ali                                                 Year 2 Support Staff: Mrs. Sawhney and Mrs. Duarte   


                          Year 3                                                                             Year 4


Year 3 Teachers: Mr. Halai  and Mrs. Bhatty                                                        Year 4 Teachers: Mrs. Slavcheva  and Ms. Williams 

Year 3 Support Staff: Mrs. Khan and Ms. A. Kerai                                              Year 4 Support Staff: Mrs. V. Varsani and Ms. Peart


                         Year 5                                                                                      Year 6


Year 5 Teachers: Mr. Thomson and Mr. McKinson                                            Year 6 Teachers: Mrs. Biswas and Ms. Barnes

Year 5 Support Staff: Mrs. N. Patel and Mrs. S. Patel                                      Year 6 Support Staff: Mrs. Nassr, Mrs. J. Patel and 

                                                                                                                               Mrs.  Jeyaprakash                    



                    Music Teacher: Mr. Dele-Ojo                                                       Spanish Teacher: Mrs. Theophanous



          Support Teachers: Mrs. Fiddler and Ms. Hirani                 Sports Coaches: Mr. Chakaodza, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Ejimofor, Mr. Jackson 

                                                                                                                                        and Mr. Makouangou




Kitchen Staff: Mrs. Likcani, Mrs. Mehta, Mrs. Braganca, Mrs. Mahinthan and Mrs. Mecuku

SMSAs: Mrs. Albashir, Mrs. Dirie, Mrs. Hamid, Mrs. R. Hirani, Mrs. Kanwal, Mrs. Mallolari, Mrs. Nisar, Mrs. Toska and  Mrs. L. Varsani


Taekwondo Coach: Mr. Duah

Steelpans Tutor: Mr. Joseph (BMS)

Swimming Instructor: Mrs. J. Khan