School Closure Curriculum


There are a number of reasons why there could be widespread school closures in London (including a pandemic and severe weather conditions). Should such a situation arise, London Grid for Learning (LGfL) has a wealth of online content to support a school closure curriculum for teachers, children and significant carers.  To that end LGfL has provided a week’s worth of learning activities to help significant carers provide their children with a way to sustain their education from home. Wykeham Primary School is pleased to be partnering with LGfL to bring these resources to you. To access the School Closure Curriculum, click here.


The School Closure Curriculum

The LGfL School Closure Programme is based on the default position that a pupil at home will have a Significant Carer available to guide the pupil through a simple and accessible range of activities. As the Significant Carer might be a parent, grandparent, child minder elder sibling etc with little expert knowledge of the National Curriculum, the School Closure Programme KS1 and KS2 resources have been designed to a template which replicates typical familial patterns, for example, a parent and child reading a story together. The KS3 resources assume a greater amount of independent and cross-curricular learning. Although there is content to support KS4 on LGfL, KS4 is viewed as being broadly covered by the need for students to undertake either revision or coursework (dependant on time of year)  


This curriculum has the following characteristics:

  • Broadly appropriate / relevant curriculum material for K1, K2 and K3 available to all London schools.
  • Open ended tasks that offer more potential for work and a differentiated learning experience.
  • All learning activities include an introduction along with final assessment/questions so users can clearly grasp the aims of the work.
  • The activities feature 2 or three core tasks with opportunities for extension.