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A. Stevens(about a month ago)

A great curriculum evening - The hall looked bright and welcoming and the work completed by the students was displayed in a great way, although more space could have been given to let us hear what the students were saying. This was a very relaxed evening and much more enjoyable than the usual classrooms dash. Thank you to everyone who organised the evening and helped out on the night.

Found(a couple of months ago)

I am very happy with wykeham primary school. My son is gaining great knowledge. I found the curriculum evening very helpful and it has encouraged me to help my son at home.

Xheladin(a couple of months ago)

Learnt all the cross curriculum learning taking place in the different year groups. Fantastic curriculum evening.

Vanessa(a couple of months ago)

Wykeham primary is a very warm and welcoming school. My son really enjoys coming here.

Dona(a couple of months ago)

I am extremely with my children's learning. I have no complaints at all. The staff are amazing. Come to this school everyone!

Sharia(a couple of months ago)

I am very happy with all my children's learning. The teachers are very good and my children are improving. They are having a great experience at Wykeham primary.

Pravin Halai(a couple of months ago)

Very Happy with the wykhem learning and the teaching here. I am happy with the teaching team in year 2 and I am happy about the school getting education city.

Dr. Hitesh D Patel(a couple of months ago)

Great evening different and enjoyable format, and much more informal and interactive for the parents.

Rafiza chowdhury(a couple of months ago)

I am very happy with Wykeham primary school. The teachers are wonderful and my child is more confident everyday. They are amazing and my son is happy!

Zeinab(a couple of months ago)

I like the school and it is a great school!

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